Sunday, December 5, 2010

Safety Pin Necklace

 I finally finished it! I really have no experience with jewelry making, so it was kind of a challenge to figure out how to turn the idea into a necklace I could actually wear. The clasp is still a little janky, and I had to improvise a way to keep the safety pins from getting separated and messed up, but it's working (for now).

I was inspired by this Vena Cava necklace from a couple seasons ago. It was for sale at a rad 'garage sale' VC did on Subports (other items for sale included a vintage YSL safari coat, weird books from the 70s, and their used Volvo station wagon). 

After seeing it and thinking about it for a few days, when I finally pulled the trigger to buy it it was sold out, so I figured I would just try to make my own. Which, as I see it, is really safety pin design coming full circle, being the kind of craft that originated in the same context as friendship bracelets and lanyards, being elevated to the level of runway fashion, and getting filtered back to DIY with little changes all along the way.

Although, this, by Katy at Dirty Hems has to be the most awesome Vena Cava inspired DIY safety pin project.

 Maybe next I can figure out how to make one of these awesome squash blossom style safety pin necklaces!


  1. aaah i love the necklace!! is it hanging on a chain? what did you use to keep them separated? it looks fantastic!

    & thanks for linking to my safety pin DIY :)

  2. Thanks!
    They're just strung on invisible cord. The pins aren't separated by anything, but I did have to tie a thread through the bottom to keep them from getting out of line.
    Viva safety pins!

    1. Hi! I love this necklace I would like to try it. But what do you mean by, you tie thread thru the bottom? Could you elaborate?

    2. Hi Jessica! The beaded safety pins are strung onto the invisible cord by the top hole of the safety pin (above where the pin clasps together), but there is a hole at the bottom of all the safety pins and when they're strung together in a line it forms a tunnel. I strung a thread through the length of them and tied a knot at each end which keeps them together so they all stay evenly in line and don't stick out all haywire.

  3. Wow! That's fabulous! I am impressed. Is the black design made with string?

  4. Good golly lolly! Amazing. Now show me how to make one, lady.

  5. fabulous!!!

    Noemi Carbonero
    Administradora comunidad google+ ''Spanish Fashion Bloggers''
    I made it myself

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