Sunday, May 13, 2012

DIY: Watercolor Cards

I'm really into watercolor right now, and I've been making cards like this one for every occasion that's come up recently. They're simple but pretty, and it's an easy way to make a thoughtful handmade card if you don't have mad drawing skills (I don't) but are crazy in love with fonts (I definitely am).

To make a card like this you need regular paper, tracing paper, watercolor paper or cards and watercolor paints and paintbrush.
  1. Pick out a font with letters big enough to trace around. I like this weirdo one, but you can find others too.
  2.  Print out your message on regular paper, and then trace over it on tracing paper.
  3. Position the tracing paper over your watercolor card or paper, and trace over your message again pressing down a bit hard. This will leave an imprint of your message.
  4. On your watercolor card, carefully pencil in the lines of the impression you just made. Now you have the completed outline of your message.
  5. Watercolor! I like the washed out ombré effect you can get by starting out with a lot of bright paint, and then just dipping the brush in more and more water to lighten it up.

    VoilĂ ! Find a font and color combination you like, and you can be your own stationery company.

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