Ulrika Sandstrom

I forget now how I came across Swedish designer Ulrika Sandstrom's website, but I keep going back for another look. I was first drawn to her adorable 60s inspired dresses, but her collections also include great jackets, coats, pants and jumpsuits. I love how most of her collections are inspired by music or movies. The looks above are from Sandstrom's  post-piracy designs which reference Vivienne Westwood's Pirates collection and are also inspired by the New Romantics and 80s pop (no wonder these are my favorites - big Adam Ant fan):

Halloween 2008 as Adam Ant

Her latest is West End Girls, inspired by everything England.

I love it when independent designers have their own webshops. It makes their designs more accessible (i.e. you don't have to seek out a tiny, out of the way, high end boutique). How convenient not to have to get to Stockholm!

P.S. - The prices look a lot less scary when you convert them from Swedish Kroners.

And because these are designs inspired by music: