Mood Marfa

Ooooh. Let's visit Marfa. It's got:
-potentially supernatural light phenomena
-food sharks!

Prada Marfa is a permanent art installation a few miles away in Valentine, Texas. It was designed with the idea that it won't be kept up, so it'll eventually be a ruin, which will make it even harder to think of wearing all the right footed shoes and bottomless handbags.

YACHT ▲s Marfa.

The Marfa lights —are they ghosts? caused by swamp gas? just the result of temperature gradients? are we marveling at reflections of our own cars? It's a mystery.

The Thunderbird seems like an awesome place to stay. A renovated motel from the 50s, it's now outfitted with hand made textiles and furnishings and adorned with art by local artists. They even have a gift shop where you can pick up the custom made Indian linens, hand-woven Bolivian blankets, and cow hide rugs that furnish their rooms. God I love gift shops.

Or you could stay at the historic Hotel Paisano, where James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor stayed while filming Giant in Marfa.

Wherever I stayed, I would most def. want to eat at Food Shark, a "Mediterranean-by-way-of-West-Texas" (Texiterranean?) food truck run by an awesome couple who honeymoon in Easter Island and make catchy and amazing YouTube commercials.

*Prada Marfa photo by Ben Brown