Dry Shampoo vs. Hair Oil

Cognitive dissonance much? Sure I was drawn to these two products for different reasons. Sometimes your hair seems dull and kind of frizzy and you wish it were as shiny and lustrous as the ridiculous long hair of shampoo commercial models. Other times your hair seems unwashed and oily and all you want is to feel like you've just taken a shower, but in like, 5 seconds instead of 5 minutes. But then you realize that you are maybe waging a kind of divided and unwinnable battle against yourself. Am I oiling my hair just to dry it out? Or maybe drying it to the point that it needs to be oiled?

Moroccanoil Oil treatment for all hair types. Sweet Jesus does this stuff smell good. Deep and rich, but distinctly candy-like. This oil will make you feel like the kind of lady who travels to Morocco to stay in posh riads, ride ornamented camels, and appropriate centuries-old bohemian hair products. Definitely be careful not to overoil. Sometimes, even when used sparingly, I can't tell if it's actually making my hair shinier, or if I'm really just using it as hair perfume.

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo. Why wash your hair when you can just spray something on it? This stuff will make you feel like the kind of chic, contrarian lady who's decided it's really healthier and more natural  not to wash your hair so much, but who on day four is like, ok, my hair could at least use some sprucing up here. I think the dry shampoo may do more of what it advertises than the Moroccanoil (at least for my hair), but truth be told, it's no magic bullet, and I'm suspicious its effect may be more psychological than anything. Or maybe I just need to try the Rene Furterer brand everyone seems to go crazy for, but that, for some reason, they stopped selling in-store at Sephora.

So is it crazy to use both of these products? Or, is there perhaps no conflict, no purely consumeristic urge to buy two products that negate each other, and only spur the need for more and more products in a vicious cycle of hair anxiety and pretty packaging appreciation? Maybe they truly can balance out your hair's different aspects, and by using the two together, you can achieve commercial level hair perfection?
In the end, hey, they may at least get you close to a real life, lazy girl's version of hair perfection: your hair looks clean and smells like candy, and you didn't even have to get in the shower.