Cocktail: The Sophisticated 7-Up

This light, sweet cocktail was perfect for an Oscar party, and I dare say would be for other occasions besides.

 The Sophisticated 7-Up was born one evening in Brooklyn, invented by a couple we're friends with who had every intention of making us Old Fashioneds, but alas, didn't have the requisite ingredients and the corner store was closed on a Sunday evening. Lucky for us they had some other delicious cocktail makings, and some humble 7-Up. The St. Germain adds a sophisticated, floral twist to the 7-Up, and the Pimm's cuts the sweetness with an herbacious little kick.

Sophisticated 7-Up:
Fill a small tumbler with ice
Add 1 shot of Pimm's No.1
Add 1 shot of St. Germain
Top off with 7-Up, stir, and garnish with a small lemon wedge