Marquee Salon

Marquee Salon sign

There's a new salon in town: Marquee. It's exciting to have creative, local, independently run places like this popping up in our neighborhood, which used to be relatively barren. You wouldn't know it now looking at Subrosa coffee, with its Four Barrel coffee and shiny new parklet, Manifesto bikes, 1-2-3-4Go! Records, and mac and cheese haven Homeroom.  We went to Marquee Salon this weekend to check out the space and all the awesome action at their grand opening weekend. On Friday night they had drinks, including a deliciously strong, and rapidly disappearing, whiskey apple punch, delicious food from Boffo cart, a dj, and pop-up shops with great collections of vintage and new clothes and accessories.

Job & Boss scarves

Job & Boss bags

I saw these dyed pieces from Job and Boss the week before at Esqueleto for Temescal's First Friday, and when I saw them and liked them all over again, I decided to go ahead and pick up one of their beautiful hand-dyed scarves. Job and Boss's textiles are dyed in indigo using Japanese shibori techniques to create traditional, yet one-of-a-kind designs. I chatted a little with the designer, Kirby, who told me that to get the desired effects some pieces are bound between boards, or wrapped and tied to poles. The history of this technique and the striking minimalism of white and indigo make these miles more sophisticated than hippie-dippy. I also love their cute lookbook.

Job & Boss scarf

Job & Boss scarf

Job & Boss scarf

I went back again on Sunday when there were even more vendors at the daytime pop-up shop. LA based Girl on a Motorcycle's handmade, tough-luxe leather bags and clutches had a 60s rock'n'roll vibe. Local designer Serial Cultura's architectural silk dresses and tunics featured house designed patterns. SF's Micaela Greg showcased an array of cozy looking geometric knits. But one of of my favorite Sunday additions was the 'garage sale' put together by the ladies of Marquee Salon. They had super affordable, and super cute, vintage dresses, tops, bags, belts, shoes and accessories. And they're some stylish ladies. I picked up these two vintage dresses for a song.

Vintage floral dress

vintage Gunne Sax dress

The top dress is a bit of a departure for me, but I was weirdly drawn to it. My guess is that I'll either never wear it, or it will be amazing. The second dress actually belonged to a long lost friend from high school who, as it happens, is one of the stylists at Marquee. It's not the vintage YSL Rive Gauche that I loved borrowing from a friend to wear to a wedding this summer (and which inspired my search for the perfect sack dress) but I'm hoping this Gunne Sax sack will do for now.

My friend says they'll be having pop-up events like this seasonally, so stay tuned to what's happening at Marquee Salon!