Mood Marry!

We did it! We got married on October 6, 2012 at Slide Ranch. It was an absolutely beautiful day. The weather, the ceremony, our friends and family, all the work we put into planning, everything aligned and the whole day I had this magical feeling of everything being just as I had imagined - even better than I had imagined!

We had our ceremony on a breathtaking bluff overlooking the ocean and Northern California coastline, followed by a sweet champagne toast given by one of our best friends. The toast gave everyone a chance to spend more time hanging out at this beautiful and crazy scenic spot before we headed down to another (also amazing and very scenic) lower bluff for tacos and yurt partying!

It's true what everyone says, it went by in a flash, and the only thing I would change is to get hang out at our wedding for about 7 more hours. Well, that and I would have eaten one more fish taco :) Luckily, we can already remember the good times with these pictures from Instagram (thank you @pattyhume, @lovelightimages, @brianabreaks, @pandamystery7, and @chalibu!) and the awesome photobooth our friends Steve and Christian set up for us (and these are just until the official wedding photos arrive from Love Me Sailor - can't wait!). The photobooth was really a hit, especially with kids, as you can see in the video Steve put together.

Jody and Tim's Wedding Photobooth from Stephen Loewinsohn on Vimeo.

Some of my favorites from the photobooth...