Saturday's Alright for Estate Saling

I've been getting back into the swing of weekend thrifting and estate saling lately, which is how I found this denim vest with battling French-sporty/70s trucker vibes. It's great for layering as we enter what I call 'false spring' in the Bay Area: the time of year that's filled with beautiful cherry blossoms and weather that lulls you into believing summer days are right around the corner, only to revert to rain and gusts of arctic wind to remind you that, yeah, not quite yet. And that's why you need layers. You know what makes a good layer? A denim vest. Go ahead, pretend it's not irresponsible to wear your fun spring dress when you know it's a smidge too cold. Here's some denim vest inspiration for you.

I wore this to an estate sale high up in the hills. It was mostly tapped, but the thrill of exploring the rooms, belongings, and detritus that made up someone's life can surpass even the thrill of a great find. This particular house, which you really could have called an estate, was full of crumbling grandeur and I assume, stories (were they ear doctors, or child psychologists, or both?).  I did find a giant vintage safe, made in San Francisco, a bottle of 1987 Australian fumé blanc, and a $1 tropical shirt, but sadly only the last item made it home with me. The l'esprit d'escalier of shopping needs its own word!