Chiyome Of a Kind

I'm pretty bummed I missed out on this Chiyome for Of a Kind bag.  I'm mostly a wear-one-bag-to-death kind of girl, and while I'm still completely into my beloved, monogrammed Cambridge satchel, it's been a while since I've rotated something new in. (Although sometimes I think my satchel is so perfect I should just get another one in a different size and color with a different style monogram - silver? gold?). I hadn't heard of Chiyome until I saw this edition, and when I put the bag in my cart I thought maybe I would check out the other designs on their site to see if there was anything else that jumped out at me.

Chiyome Of a Kind

Chiyome Squared Bag
Chiyome Flex Pack
Chiyome Easy Tote
I love the convertability of Chiyome's bags — many of them you can wear on your shoulder, across your body, as a backpack, or by the chicly minimal cut-out handles. Also they're ethically produced, and made of an interesting mix of materials like leather, canvas, acrylic, and rubber cord. When I realized that not only did I really like the Of a Kind version, but that it was a great deal, I clicked back over to pull the trigger only to find that all 60 were gone! Limited edition indeed. I think this was the second bag Chiyome has made for Of a Kind, so here's hoping for a third (they seem popular enough!). If it comes around, snap it up quick!

Chiyome Slim Bag

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