Pluie Crescent CombPluie Crescent Comb
This crescent comb by Pluie is fueling my minimalist metals addiction. My Kathleen Whitaker stick earring and Miansai cuff are on heavy rotation and like those pieces, Pluie's comb is so simple yet striking at the same time. It has kind of a futuristic crown vibe, but also looks totally wearable. Plus, you could style it in so many ways depending on where you place it and how you do your hair. If you need tips, Pluie even has videos:

So the question is: is more more when you start out with less-is-more pieces? You can pick up the crescent plus more barrettes and combs at Pluie's site (they include a handmade pouch so you can carry your comb with you) or Shopbop. Plus, check out Pluie's dreamy lookbook video to see some of their other styles: