Wary Meyers Candles

Wary Meyers Candles

I've loved the designs of the duo behind Wary Meyers for quite a while. They do awesome, 70s-inspired interior design and art installations, and they also have a web shop where they sell rad original art prints and vintage books and things (like an amazing hammock chair, bullshit jeans, and a crazy wine tote). And now, apparently, they make candles. They're just as awesome, arty, and informed by the siren vibes of the 70s as their other projects, and they're hand-poured and made of food grade paraffin and soy wax with phthalate-free fragrances and essential oils. To top it off, the packaging and glass are made of recycled materials, and each glass holder is hand-painted with an adorable, one-of-a-kind, gold leaf emblem. Check out the far-out scents on offer:

Wary Meyers Coco Nuit Candle

"A deep, lush, Caribbean scent composed of beachy coconut, dark suntan oil, and fresh green cannabis. Takes you back to your beach chair when the hot day turns to hot night and you didn’t even realize it. Blissful and nostalgic."
Wary Meyers Milky Way Candle
"Farm-fresh milk and sweet cream with hints of brown sugar and a light cloud of warm leche. Has the creamy, cosmic mellowness of being poured by milk maids inside a warm honeycomb on the moon."

Wary Meyers Sea Melon Candle

"The sweet fragrant smell of a ripe summertime watermelon drenched in salty seawater and sliced open on a driftwood table on a seaweed-lined beach. Sweet, salty and refreshing."
Wary Meyers Mainely Manly Candle

"The rough-hewn balm of cedar and woodsmoke, drifting low and winding its way through the deep Maine hinterlands. Undertones of native balsam, burning pine, and primitive musk. Manly, yes, but with a soft, close whisper of patchouli on the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace."
Wary Meyers Sunshine Candle

"The enchanted scent of heliotrope, yellow dandelions, and fresh summer green grass with soft floral notes of weeping willow, buttercups & fairy dust. The hot air shimmers and the dragonflies hum on a lazy afternoon of daydreaming in a light-drenched, butterfly-filled meadow. The sun is out, the birds are singing."

I'm pretty excited to get my hands on one of them — as far as fancy, artisanal candles go they're a reasonable $28 — but it's hard to choose. Am I more in the mood for a seawater infused watermelon? Or cosmic moon leche? Which scent/vibe would you go for?