Gone Houseboatin' 2013

metroSHIP houseboatToday we leave for our somewhat-annual houseboating trip with 13 of our friends. We seriously look forward to it all year long and probably couldn't be more excited — I was telling Tim it feels like what looking forward to Christmas as a kid felt like. Last year, we all skipped it since so many of us were getting married and going on other trips, so we're extra excited this summer. We'll be spending our days lounging on the deck reading mags or trashy/dishy books, drinking cocktails, floating in the lake's warm, crystal waters on floaties, sharing dinners, tossing each other beers from the boat, listening to smooth music on Yacht Nite, gazing at the stars, and going on midnight canoe rides. Here are some fun houseboats from around the place — the one above is the super cool metroSHIP, a modern houseboat designed by metro prefab, makers of other prefab designs including a shed and a cabin. Obviously, I'm convinced I need my very own houseboat now.
HouseboatModern Houseboats
HouseboatHouseboat Terrace

Modern Houseboats

Vintage Houseboats