Strong Week Links 1

I've barely had time to catch my breath this week, but when I did, these were a few of the things I was thinking about. 

I'm obsessed with real estate, including (really, mostly) in places I don't live. My sister-in-law recently broke down why Hi Fi in LA is so great, and now I'm adding it to the list of places to fantasize about.

Speaking of my sister-in-law, she's a landscape designer in addition to being a real estate agent, and this past Christmas I got her this book. Now the sequel is coming out in March, with more and stranger plants depicted by contemporary artists, along with this cool planter.

My brother and sister-in-law also turned me on to this show, which I've been meaning to start watching. Now that I know there's a Rachel Comey-centric episode, I want to watch even more.

I was just thinking about how it seems like about time for a new Tame Impala record, and then they released this.

The Fall 2015 Louis Vuitton show made me want to buy this, stat.

I'm still taking in the new redesign of the New York Times magazine, and loving the Letter of Recommendation section for its endorsements of Fleetwood Mac's Tusk and LaCroix Sparkling Water (which I've been wanting to get into since I learned they have this flavor).

I could watch this 1 million times. Crying laughing. Viva goats!