Strong Week Links 13

How cool are the Bird-of-paradise prints of Fendi's Cruise 2016 collection? Tim Blanks' review is worth reading as always.

Flipping out over the delicious rosewater notes of Amaro Montenegro. It's named after a princess, known as 'the liqueur of the virtues' and perfect for summer.

Also perfect for summer? These Prada and Céline-inspired ice creams by Coolhaus. Seriously, the Céline Coconut Negroni Ice Cream sounds amazing and I might have to make it.

If you love tassels, as I do, you should check out Takara Design jewelry.

If Madewell is the new J. Crew, what's the new Madewell?

It's from a while ago, but we watched this PBS documentary on Peter, Paul and Mary this weekend and it was pretty amazing. They were so committed to their music and the causes they sang about, and have such an amazing focus and intensity in their harmonies. Plus, Mary Travers was a true original and a major babe.