Strong Week Links 16

Summer decor inspo: these cool Modernhaus chairs.

Cute cacti from the Creatures of Comfort cactus contest.

More interesting LA neighborhood history from my sister-in-law, this time on her own neighborhood, Angelino Heights. My brother has lived there for years, and it's been interesting to watch it change. It feels like there are a lot of parallels with Oakland, and now there are a couple Oakland-south outposts with Blue Bottle and Esqueleto opening locations in Echo Park. It's a great place to live or visit!

Another DIY project I wish I had time to do.

Did you see the NYT profile on Parker Posey? Love her. I knew I loved her Cannes look, and now I know it was by Electric Feathers. Would so totally dance to Gerry Rafferty with her.

Adding this memoir to my reading list. If there is ever water in California again, this is definitely going to be my houseboating read.

" ... if I can make space for the idea that the goal is not to be perfect, but the goal is to be me, then I get to revel in the mixed bag of what it is to be a human." Just one of many ideas that rang true from a favorite from The Cut's advice week series