Strong Week Links 17

I discovered this jewelry designer's cool, rough-hewn pieces when I asked a chic coworker about the necklace she was wearing. Chokers are making a comeback and I'd wear this one.

This amazing post on the Jardín Etnobotánico of Oaxaca makes we want to go there more than ever. It's home to a cactus that's over 1,000 years old!

"Asking women to modify their speech is just another way we are asked to internalize and compensate for sexist bias in the world." I was glad to see these articles on the problems with pathologizing women's speech.

Is it just me or do the shoes from the casino-themed Chanel Fall 2015 couture collection look like '90s shoes you'd be stoked to find at a thrift store?

Have you seen the new Nina Simone documentary? There was so much to it; beautiful, powerful performances, inspiring activism, serious style and the sad realities of depression and abuse. Definitely worth watching.

Hello fall knits wardrobe?

This article on two sets of identical twins switched at birth in Bogotá, Colombia was fascinating.

Photo by Georgie Hawk for The Planthunter