Strong Week Links 19

Spotify debuted its new Discover Weekly feature last week — have you been using it? So far, it's not half bad. It's about a quarter bad, which in my experience with tune preference predictors is more successful than usual.

I love Reformation's commitment to sustainable fashion and their feminine, minimalist designs, but most of them are made for ladies who have little need for bras, i.e. not me. Which is why I'm excited about their new I'm Up Here collection. #forboobs

dreamy summertime hammock.

Everlane announced the appointment of Rebekka Bay as their new Head of Product and Design. Known as the mastermind behind Cos and for her recent (short) stint at Gap, perhaps this is where her vision will find its fit. I've loved Everlane from the beginning — their basics are well-made, affordable and transparently produced with sustainability in mind — so I'm excited to see what she brings to the brand.

Interesting article about how Michael Heizer's epic land art project "City" could play into the 2016 Presidential campaign. We recently watched the documentary about the making of Levitated Mass and I highly recommend it. I've been thinking for the past couple of years that I would love to go on a land art road trip ... maybe when "City" opens.

Image via Terrain