Strong Week Links 21

Life has been cray lately and a spa day sounds like heaven. I'll take one at this newly opened Tuscan spa I saw in T Magazine which features products by cult apothecary Santa Maria Novella.

Liking these minimalist door hooks.

I could read The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows all day long. It's a compendium of brilliant, emotionally resonant made-up words written by one man to describe feelings we as-yet have no way of describing (or that maybe you didn't even know you were feeling). Here are some favorite words.

Lily Stockman is basically a personal hero of mine at this point. Accomplished artist, confirmed desert rat, sustainable textile designer, well-writtenVogue contributor.

Is it too late in the summer to be thinking about sandals (these ones are made in LA)? I feel like I'm always thinking about sandals. Then again I'm also always thinking about boots.

Sandals via Marais USA