Strong Week Links 22

How cute is this video for Jesse Kamm's cult sailor pants? Her line turns 10 this year and she's reissuing them in new colors to celebrate. Must. get. a. pair.

I've been working a lot lately and not sleeping as much = dark circles. While I try to stick to natural beauty products for the most part (and duh, the most natural beauty product is sleep) I'm thinking it may be time for this.

Excited to find some time to dive into the latest issue of the Desert Oracle. Particularly the piece on Marty Robbins.

I've been listening to the new Kurt Vile single on repeat.

Remembering Oliver Sacks who passed away last weekend. A great mind. He's the kind of intellectual who always inspired me in the context of philosophy — a zeal for life, a bit of a rebel, someone who tells a great story and who bridges hard science with the Humanities. He knew he was going to die and wrote some beautiful, inspiring, heartbreaking articles for the NY Times in his last months.