Strong Week Links 24

Majorly excited about the Steve Gunn / Kurt Vile installment of this epic 5 LP collection of split albums Parallelogram, soon to be released by Three Lobed Recordings. #dreamteam The whole thing sounds amazing.

Glenn O'Brienn's career is pretty fascinating. I recently discovered him via this documentary as the host of TV Party, the punk rock TV show on which he hosted guests like Blondie, David Byrne and Jean-Michel Basquiat and yet improbably has nothing to do with the Black Flag song TV Party, and now I'm running into him doing interviews with Manrepeller on Apple TV's new fashion initiative.

Speaking of Manrepeller, she's got a new podcast, Monocycle. The first episode is about anxiety and burnout. If you are also an erstwhile philosopher interested in fashion, it might be up your alley.

Speaking of podcasts, Lena Dunham has a new podcast, Women of The Hour, which is also good.

This Bed-Stuy boutique has a really interesting selection of brands and home decor.

Going to an event here sounds dreamy.

Looking forward to this Thanksgiving-ready recipe.

Cool plant stands and even cooler chairs.