New Year, New Moon

It’s the first new moon of the new year. For a while now, I’ve been setting aside time each month for new moon wishing, inspired by this guide and posts on the sphinx and the milkyway. If it seems a little woo woo, I guess it is, but I’m into that vibe. Even if you’re not though, I think there’s still a way to think of it as just a helpful framework for reflecting, looking inward and setting goals or intentions for yourself for the coming month. If it’s not magical, it’s at least practical.  

I find it’s a nice ritual, and it takes me out of my regular routine and way of thinking, and lets me enter into a frame of mind in which much more seems possible. It's a nice space to visit each month instead of just once a year with a resolution. It’s also a helpful way to be grateful for what you have and reflect that in wishes directed toward others. 

Basically, here’s what you do:
  • Make it personal. You can gather up inspirational items that represent things you’re grateful for, wishing for or that speak to the elements - fill a small dish with water, burn some sage or palo santo, light a candle, bring out any natural objects you’ve collected like rocks, crystals, wood (I have a lot of desert cholla), seashells, feathers, etc. 
  • Clear your mind. I usually meditate by concentrating on breathing or doing some creative visualizing to relax and clear my head. I'm a big fan of this book for visualization techniques and You Are A Circle for affirmations and inspiration.
  • You get ten wishes. This is the maximum, but you can wish for fewer if you want. Make sure to hand write your wishes on paper. Concentrating your wishes on one particular goal or area of your life can make them more powerful.  Take care and time to really put your wishes into the words that bring them alive and speak to you most. 
  • Let them go. I actually like to save my wishes and sometimes reflect back on them, but right there in the moment after wishing, just make a point to let them leave your head, leave the page and go out into the world. You can also toss them out or burn them.
Happy new year and new moon!