Mom Style (also Dad style, Hat style)

While home over the holidays I too spent some time poring over tons of family photos. Unlike the parents of awesome fashion designers, there are no parental designer archives to speak of in this case, but my parents did have some awesome 70s style. I assume this just reflects the general zeitgeist, because in the 80s, 90s and beyond my Mom has pretty much worn Mom Jeans, and my Dad became a fairly buttoned up Republican.

P. S. - These pictures were taken at a California bullfight.


I kind of accidentally bought a new bathing suit today.

It's ok, they were super on sale at ASOS and Figleaves. If you're in the market, you might want to check it out.

Ulrika Sandstrom

I forget now how I came across Swedish designer Ulrika Sandstrom's website, but I keep going back for another look. I was first drawn to her adorable 60s inspired dresses, but her collections also include great jackets, coats, pants and jumpsuits. I love how most of her collections are inspired by music or movies. The looks above are from Sandstrom's  post-piracy designs which reference Vivienne Westwood's Pirates collection and are also inspired by the New Romantics and 80s pop (no wonder these are my favorites - big Adam Ant fan):

Halloween 2008 as Adam Ant

Her latest is West End Girls, inspired by everything England.

I love it when independent designers have their own webshops. It makes their designs more accessible (i.e. you don't have to seek out a tiny, out of the way, high end boutique). How convenient not to have to get to Stockholm!

P.S. - The prices look a lot less scary when you convert them from Swedish Kroners.

And because these are designs inspired by music: