Cherry Blossom Shag

vintage shaggy sweater cherry blossoms
These blossoms appear just outside our house right on schedule every March. I've been working a lot in our front room lately, looking out the window, watching people walk down our street all day. I can't tell you how many of them have stopped in their tracks under this tree. It made me smile every time to see someone indulge in a moment of reverie underneath the fluffy canopy of blossoms. They're already gone, but they did the job of announcing false spring, and even though the weather's getting nicer, I'll still have plenty of opportunities to wear my favorite new shaggy sweater until summer hits in October.

vintage shaggy sweater
vintage shaggy sweater
vintage shaggy sweater

You wouldn't think it, but this sweater has the most perfect, cozy knit pockets. Unexpected pockets (especially in dresses) are the best.

vintage shaggy sweater montauk shirt

I love sharks and am irrationally fond of this vintage shirt I stole from my husband when we got engaged.  Maybe some day we'll make it to Montauk.

shaggy sweater miansai cuff
cherry blossom shaggy sweater