Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Chiyome Of a Kind

I'm pretty bummed I missed out on this Chiyome for Of a Kind bag.  I'm mostly a wear-one-bag-to-death kind of girl, and while I'm still completely into my beloved, monogrammed Cambridge satchel, it's been a while since I've rotated something new in. (Although sometimes I think my satchel is so perfect I should just get another one in a different size and color with a different style monogram - silver? gold?). I hadn't heard of Chiyome until I saw this edition, and when I put the bag in my cart I thought maybe I would check out the other designs on their site to see if there was anything else that jumped out at me.

Chiyome Of a Kind

Chiyome Squared Bag
Chiyome Flex Pack
Chiyome Easy Tote
I love the convertability of Chiyome's bags — many of them you can wear on your shoulder, across your body, as a backpack, or by the chicly minimal cut-out handles. Also they're ethically produced, and made of an interesting mix of materials like leather, canvas, acrylic, and rubber cord. When I realized that not only did I really like the Of a Kind version, but that it was a great deal, I clicked back over to pull the trigger only to find that all 60 were gone! Limited edition indeed. I think this was the second bag Chiyome has made for Of a Kind, so here's hoping for a third (they seem popular enough!). If it comes around, snap it up quick!

Chiyome Slim Bag

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Black Crane

Black Crane Dress
Black Crane Dress
Black Crane long strap dress from Totokaelo

I can't get over the marbled print on this Black Crane dress. It’s dreamy, beachy, raw, and refined all wrapped into one. It looks stained and painted at the same time, and anything that perfectly contradictory has immediately got me on board. Not only can this dress house all these aspects, it could house a house with its billowing sack silhouette — though the minimal straps (which you can wear straight or criss-crossed) offset and punctuate the volume.

Black Crane DressBlack Crane Dress

I'm drinking Dimmi on ice. It’s a deliciously floral, lemony, northern Italian liqueur that I learned of from a friend who’s always in the know about esoteric liquors and aperitifs. I spent the afternoon trying to perfect a Dimmi-rita until I came to the conclusion that a frosty marg just doesn’t do it justice. You may as well use triple sec. I do have an idea for a cocktail that will put the Dimmi front and center though, which I hope to bring you soon.

Black Crane Dress
Black Crane Dress
This was the perfect thing to wear to Camino for their raucously fun 5-year anniversary dinner/party, and when I came home hours later my hair and dress both were covered in confetti — it's been christened and is officially ready for more good times.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

Tune In: Kurt Vile

Settle in, take your time, and let this Kurt Vile gem, the (almost) title track from his stellar new album Wakin On A Pretty Daze, unfurl. Forget you were listening and drift back in. Like the best songs, it's going to be A+ driving around material — at over 9 minutes long, imagine how many landscapes could roll by. It's a perfect intro to the rest of the album which is just as dreamy and addictive. Also, check out this really cool short documentary put out by Matador in which local graffiti artist Steve Powers talks about creating the mural and how it fits into Philadelphia's urban and artistic landscape.

I got to see Kurt Vile and the Violators this past week at the Independent, and it was a great show. There was a good mix of songs played by the whole band, with guitars on top of guitars on top of keyboards on top of synth tracks (and sometimes with a sax), and stripped down moments, just Vile and his guitar. I love that Vile's songs are suffused with diverse influences in a way that's evident and traceable, but totally his own. There's this sense of earnestness in his songs and his whole approach that's really appealing. Plus, you just cannot fuck with his hair. Tip for music journalists: instead of asking the same old questions about his influences and stint as a forklift driver, ask him what products he's using.

Kurt Vile
Pick up Wakin On A Pretty Daze here.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Clyde Hat Tenoversix

How perfect are these hats by Clyde? Exaggerated but simple, they have just the right silhouettes and minimal but dramatic embellishments—like a sash that doubles as a neck shade, or a pattern of delicate lace.

Clyde Hat Tenoversix
Clyde Hat TenoversixClyde Hat Assembly New YorkClyde Hat Tenoversix
Clyde Hat Tenoversix
Clyde Hat Tenoversix
Found at Tenoversix and Assembly.