Strong Week Links 5

We're going to New Mexico in May and I'm really looking forward to visiting Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu and seeing the amazing high desert landscape that inspired Georgia O'Keeffe. Which is not to mention how excited I am that we're staying in an Earthship in Taos.

Intrigued by this brand of 'right-sized' cosmetics designed so you can use them before they expire and fit them easily into your work/gym/travel bags.

Traveling aura photographer Radiant Human will be stationed at Homestead Apothecary in Temescal Alley next Saturday. I've been wanting to catch this but always seem to miss it or be out of town. Would you be nervous to see what color your aura is?

Some insider info on St. Vincent's amazing, otherworldy look.

These reactions to the first installment of Karl Ove Knausgaard's American travel piece for the NY Times Magazine made me laugh and think (especially the description of a Norwegian party).

Super sophisticated or brutally naive — I can't tell which I think applies to the shapes of this jewelry, but either way I'm obsessed.