Strong Week Links 3

Shopie Buhai Jewelry

I had a whirlwind trip to NYC and got right back into the swing of things with a busy work week, starting a new ceramics class at the Berkeley Art Studio, going to a wine tasting at Ordinaire, and hanging out with my brother and sister-in-law who are up for a visit. New Brooklyn favorites include: Chuko Ramen (wait for your table at Weather Up across the street) and House of Small Wonder. Here are some favorites from this week:

If you've known me over the last few years, you know I'm basically a bumper sticker saying "I'd rather be in Joshua Tree." I was only semi-joking when I tried to convince Tim we should go all-in on a 13-acre Pistachio farm in the high desert. Until we can pack it in and buy a pickup and take it down to the desert, I'm excited about Wonder Valley Olive Oil.

I'm reading this and really enjoying her descriptions of growing up in LA.

I've been a huge fan of Vena Cava for a long time, and it really bums me out that they're no longer a label. Which is why I'm obsessed with Sophie Buhai's new jewelry and interiors line. It feels like an authentic evolution and the apotheosis of sophisticated LA architectural minimalism. A hewn-in-sterling-silver lining.

I would love to go here.

Linda Rodin is a major style icon of mine, and you can add business icon to the list too. She recently sold her beauty line to Estée Lauder, but at the age of 66 is still involved in the creative direction of her line and has recently collaborated with D.S & Durga (another favorite) on a new scent based on memories of her mother.

I did it the old fashioned way and stayed in a casa particular several years ago, but now you can Airbnb in Cuba.

California's drought got real for us this week when the local water district changed our water source to a higher level in the reservoir that experiences algae blooms — our water now tastes strange and metallic. The drought's gotten me thinking about California's water a lot lately, a subject I'd like to learn more about, but this visceral experience made this great story flood back into my mind.

Jewelry by Sophie Buhai.