Earring Mood

PersephoneVintage has the most amazing collection of earrings. They're vintage but perfectly curated for right now, with single earrings, mismatched pairs and statement shapes à la Céline (love their clever video here) everywhere. They feel architectural in a mid-century meets art brut kind of way that I'm really into.

Strong Week Links 21

Life has been cray lately and a spa day sounds like heaven. I'll take one at this newly opened Tuscan spa I saw in T Magazine which features products by cult apothecary Santa Maria Novella.

Liking these minimalist door hooks.

I could read The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows all day long. It's a compendium of brilliant, emotionally resonant made-up words written by one man to describe feelings we as-yet have no way of describing (or that maybe you didn't even know you were feeling). Here are some favorite words.

Lily Stockman is basically a personal hero of mine at this point. Accomplished artist, confirmed desert rat, sustainable textile designer, well-writtenVogue contributor.

Is it too late in the summer to be thinking about sandals (these ones are made in LA)? I feel like I'm always thinking about sandals. Then again I'm also always thinking about boots.

Sandals via Marais USA

Take Me To The River

This summer has felt like all work and no play what with moving, and well, working. But last weekend we escaped for the day to a swimming hole a few hours outside of town. We scrabbled over rocks, dipped in the refreshingly chilly snowmelt water, swam from pool to pool between crevices beneath giant boulders and ducked under waterfalls. It was the perfect way to feel far away for a day. In honor of escapes, here’s a summer-day-at-the-river playlist. It’s a little bit rocking for the drive out with friends, a little quiet and contemplative like floating in a river and a little bit of mellow magic.

Talking Heads | Take Me To The River
Fleetwood Mac | Think About Me
Tame Impala | Yes I'm Changing
Steely Dan | FM
Spiritualized | Do It All Over Again
Jane Birkin | Harvest Moon
Jimmy Cliff | You Can Get It If You Really Want
CAN | Vitamin C
The Stone Roses | Waterfall
Steve Gunn | Way Out Weather
T. Rex | Mambo Sun
Nick Drake | Place To Be

Listen via Spotify

Strong Week Links 20

We've been busy moving and painting our whole apartment. It makes me feel really accomplished to look at pristine, minimalist white walls (we lived with a bunch of colors we weren't stoked on for a long time), but omg is it time consuming. So here are some things from the past couple of weeks.

I ♥ podcasts. Here are seven fashion podcasts to subscribe to.

I really want to watch this documentary on Richard Neutra's Oyler house.

Stripes and turquoise: two things I can always get behind.

New perfumier Ex Nihilo is doing futuristic and amazing things with fragrance. They have a bespoke perfume-generating machine called the Osmologue and one scent, Bois D'Hiver, is described as an iron fist in a velvet glove. As a sometime philosopher, I love their name.

These cool candle holders.

Are you worried about what you're not doing? I often am.