ACB Jewels

ACB Jewels earrings

Obsessed with my new ACB Jewels earrings. They feel like wearable Calder mobiles and the shade of oxidized blue couldn't be more perfect. They're actually light and delicate, and they sound like wind chimes when you walk around in them.

Strong Week Links 26

This new Los Angeles massage spa looks amazing (and affordable). I haven't been to Olive and June, the super cute nail salon down there, but this looks like the minimalist, bohemian massage equivalent.

This Pinterest board is like the Impossible Cool of cat people.

What a great reason to go back to NOLA.

Was really inspired by the Christene Barberich episode of this podcast. She seems so smart and thoughtful.

Have you heard of Poem Store? Such a cool idea and practice. You name your subject and price, and poet Jacqueline Suskin writes a poem for you on-demand.  You can follow her on Insta here to see her poems and where she's writing them — she's often at the Hollywood Farmer's Market.

Photo via @thenowmassage

New Year, New Moon

It’s the first new moon of the new year. For a while now, I’ve been setting aside time each month for new moon wishing, inspired by this guide and posts on the sphinx and the milkyway. If it seems a little woo woo, I guess it is, but I’m into that vibe. Even if you’re not though, I think there’s still a way to think of it as just a helpful framework for reflecting, looking inward and setting goals or intentions for yourself for the coming month. If it’s not magical, it’s at least practical.  

I find it’s a nice ritual, and it takes me out of my regular routine and way of thinking, and lets me enter into a frame of mind in which much more seems possible. It's a nice space to visit each month instead of just once a year with a resolution. It’s also a helpful way to be grateful for what you have and reflect that in wishes directed toward others. 

Basically, here’s what you do: