Strong Week Links 34

"It’s powerful sometimes, to take up all the room with your outfit." Love Rachel Comey's designs and take on fashion shows and this article underscored that on the 15th anniversary of her first show. Plus, her boots? Swear by them.

We listened to Pitchfork's top 200 songs of the '70s for an entire weekend on a roadtrip down to Joshua Tree and I highly recommend. It's a diverse and interesting mix of hits, originals whose covers were way more popular, funk, punk, foreign language songs and more. I know I couldn't, but I found myself seriously wondering if I could survive without music from any other decade.

Love these concrete cylinder earrings.

And the recently launched vintage site Petra Von Kant. Great styling and reminds me of the heady days of eBay vintage stores before the big ones got big. I often think vintage styles don't get the credit they deserve for influencing modern designs, but you can see it ins contexts like this.

For fellow La Croix addicts: design your own La Croix can. Not sure where it went, but they had a 'top flavors' section with some hilarious names. Maybe they'll bring it back.

Photo via Petra Von Kant