Strong Week Links 33

I've been a big fan of Linda Rodin since I first encountered her amazing style, and I'm excited to try her new line of lipsticks. Especially now that my lip balm ring has run out.

Would you drink a coconut ice cream and ginger kombucha float? It sounds weirdly good, but then again, I'm a fan of weird things. Probably defeats whatever macrobiotic point there is, but I don't think rum would be misplaced here.

A cute affordable plant stand.

There is now a Baggu in Temescal Alley! Love their practical bags. Might have to pick up this puppy.

Art + roadtrips+ gas stations+ words + the American west: definitely want to check out this Ed Ruscha exhibition at the De Young.

New commute shoes I have my eye on.

Song on repeat: this

Rodin lipstick photo via Mille