Strong Week Links 25

Astier de Villate

On my holiday wish list this year: ridiculously fancy candles by Astier de Villate, specifically Rue St. Honoré, Oulan Bator and Namche Bazaar (their site is worth a visit for the design alone).

Serial is back. And because I love Tim so much, I'm waiting until we can drive around listening to it together as we did with season one, even though I spend hours in the car each week on my commute.

Maybe it's the holiday season, but I'm loving the idea of tuxedo details right now.

Inspired by this restaurant designer whose interiors are so sophisticated and whose methods are so DIY.

Super cozy winter recipe.

Majorly excited for this movie release. Pretty much planning xmas around it. Want a western hat with pom poms on it.

Different genre of pom poms, but love the exaggerated one on this cute winter hat.