Strong Week Links 6

Earth Day saw some pretty cool sustainable fashion stories like this one about Reformation introducing RefScale and a 'Low Carb' collection, and this one by fashion writing hero Tim Blanks about Stefano Pilati at Zegna.

An interesting post on this unique LA art installation (if you follow any Angelenos, you may have seen whitewashed palms all over Instagram recently).

This sounds like the coolest modern day musical Smell-O-Vision.

Excited about the imminent opening of new Oakland bar and venue Starline Social Club. We got a sneak peek this weekend and the space (a former Odd Fellows hall dating back to 1893) looks amazing.

An inspiring kitchen before and after to file away.

Finding yet more New Mexspiration in this beautiful photography zine.

Everlane is really keeping the new arrivals coming, and I want almost all of them.

Photo by Patty Hume

Strong Week Links 5

We're going to New Mexico in May and I'm really looking forward to visiting Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu and seeing the amazing high desert landscape that inspired Georgia O'Keeffe. Which is not to mention how excited I am that we're staying in an Earthship in Taos.

Intrigued by this brand of 'right-sized' cosmetics designed so you can use them before they expire and fit them easily into your work/gym/travel bags.

Traveling aura photographer Radiant Human will be stationed at Homestead Apothecary in Temescal Alley next Saturday. I've been wanting to catch this but always seem to miss it or be out of town. Would you be nervous to see what color your aura is?

Some insider info on St. Vincent's amazing, otherworldy look.

These reactions to the first installment of Karl Ove Knausgaard's American travel piece for the NY Times Magazine made me laugh and think (especially the description of a Norwegian party).

Super sophisticated or brutally naive — I can't tell which I think applies to the shapes of this jewelry, but either way I'm obsessed.

Strong Week Links 4

I've been at The RealReal for a just about a year and a half, and the hyper-growth the company has been quite a thing to experience. New and exciting things are always happening, but this is pretty big.

This would be a perfect addition to my tunic collection. Jesse Kamm does no wrong.

In NYC, I randomly happened upon the Trademark flagship, which houses the line designed by the Burch sisters. Make of that what you will, but they have some great shoes and bags.

Speaking of NYC, this made my suitcase smell like a million bucks when I brought it home. Loving Aesop.

A majorly uplifting song.

Bags by Trademark.

Strong Week Links 3

Shopie Buhai Jewelry

I had a whirlwind trip to NYC and got right back into the swing of things with a busy work week, starting a new ceramics class at the Berkeley Art Studio, going to a wine tasting at Ordinaire, and hanging out with my brother and sister-in-law who are up for a visit. New Brooklyn favorites include: Chuko Ramen (wait for your table at Weather Up across the street) and House of Small Wonder. Here are some favorites from this week:

If you've known me over the last few years, you know I'm basically a bumper sticker saying "I'd rather be in Joshua Tree." I was only semi-joking when I tried to convince Tim we should go all-in on a 13-acre Pistachio farm in the high desert. Until we can pack it in and buy a pickup and take it down to the desert, I'm excited about Wonder Valley Olive Oil.

I'm reading this and really enjoying her descriptions of growing up in LA.

I've been a huge fan of Vena Cava for a long time, and it really bums me out that they're no longer a label. Which is why I'm obsessed with Sophie Buhai's new jewelry and interiors line. It feels like an authentic evolution and the apotheosis of sophisticated LA architectural minimalism. A hewn-in-sterling-silver lining.

I would love to go here.

Linda Rodin is a major style icon of mine, and you can add business icon to the list too. She recently sold her beauty line to Estée Lauder, but at the age of 66 is still involved in the creative direction of her line and has recently collaborated with D.S & Durga (another favorite) on a new scent based on memories of her mother.

I did it the old fashioned way and stayed in a casa particular several years ago, but now you can Airbnb in Cuba.

California's drought got real for us this week when the local water district changed our water source to a higher level in the reservoir that experiences algae blooms — our water now tastes strange and metallic. The drought's gotten me thinking about California's water a lot lately, a subject I'd like to learn more about, but this visceral experience made this great story flood back into my mind.

Jewelry by Sophie Buhai.