Monday Mini Mix: More Baltimore


I've never been to Baltimore, but these two songs give me lots of feelings about it. The dichotomies of city life versus country life. Trying to make it in the city. Plus, The Wire. Plus the way that Baltimoreans seem to pronounce the name of their city with the 't' somewhere between a 't' and a 'd' in a way you can't really achieve unless you're from there. Plus, John Waters.

Streets of Baltimore was written by Tompall Glaser and prolific Nashville songwriter Harlan Howard (whom I'm reading a lot about in this Waylon Jennings autobiography) and has been covered a lot. I haven't heard every version, but I'm still pretty sure GP's is my favorite all the same.

Strong Week Links 34

"It’s powerful sometimes, to take up all the room with your outfit." Love Rachel Comey's designs and take on fashion shows and this article underscored that on the 15th anniversary of her first show. Plus, her boots? Swear by them.

We listened to Pitchfork's top 200 songs of the '70s for an entire weekend on a roadtrip down to Joshua Tree and I highly recommend. It's a diverse and interesting mix of hits, originals whose covers were way more popular, funk, punk, foreign language songs and more. I know I couldn't, but I found myself seriously wondering if I could survive without music from any other decade.

Love these concrete cylinder earrings.

And the recently launched vintage site Petra Von Kant. Great styling and reminds me of the heady days of eBay vintage stores before the big ones got big. I often think vintage styles don't get the credit they deserve for influencing modern designs, but you can see it ins contexts like this.

For fellow La Croix addicts: design your own La Croix can. Not sure where it went, but they had a 'top flavors' section with some hilarious names. Maybe they'll bring it back.

Photo via Petra Von Kant

Strong Week Links 33

I've been a big fan of Linda Rodin since I first encountered her amazing style, and I'm excited to try her new line of lipsticks. Especially now that my lip balm ring has run out.

Would you drink a coconut ice cream and ginger kombucha float? It sounds weirdly good, but then again, I'm a fan of weird things. Probably defeats whatever macrobiotic point there is, but I don't think rum would be misplaced here.

A cute affordable plant stand.

There is now a Baggu in Temescal Alley! Love their practical bags. Might have to pick up this puppy.

Art + roadtrips+ gas stations+ words + the American west: definitely want to check out this Ed Ruscha exhibition at the De Young.

New commute shoes I have my eye on.

Song on repeat: this

Rodin lipstick photo via Mille

Strong Week Links 32

What an original Bill Cunningham was. Not just his eye, his whole ethos — doing only what he loved every day, eschewing attention, fiercely maintaining his personal and creative freedom and always impressing everyone with his kindness and humility while being incredibly revered and powerful. We won't be able to see New York fashion and personal style the same way without him.

Two obsessions combined: James Rowland Shop and the Moroccan babouche.

Stoked on discovering this band via kalx that's described as a Croatian Os Mutantes.

Are you a Dennis Hopper fan?

Speaking of Dennis Hopper, this David Lynch-curated music festival happening at the Ace Theater in LA looks amazing!

The Tippet Rise Art Center in Montana is another far flung art site it would be cool to road trip to someday.

Why I Would Take A Philosophy Class On Personal Identity Taught By Didion & Tarantino

"I think we are well-advised to keep on nodding terms with the people we used to be, whether we find them attractive company or not. Otherwise they turn up unannounced and surprise us, come hammering on the mind's door at 4 a.m. of a bad might and demand to know who deserted them, who betrayed them, who is going to make amends. We forget all too soon the things we thought we could never forget. We forget the loves and the betrayals alike, forget what we whispered and what we screamed, forget who we were." — Joan Didion

Strong Week Links 31

Adding this to the itinerary of the land art road trip I fantasize about in me head (someday!).

Slowly making my way towards greater Grateful Dead appreciation via this comp. Right now it's all about Box of Rain.

Everyone should read this powerful letter. Down with rape culture.

New pic-a-nic blanket vibes.

Digging the new Steve Gunn album.

Loving the mineral and desert themes of these art and photo prints.

These perfect sandal have been restocked.

Photo via NY Times

Flax Affirmations

Flax Affirmations Jeanne Engelhart
The Flax by Jeanne Engelhart line doesn’t just traffic in oversized, low-key chic linen, it traffics in positive vibes in the form of label affirmations. This is how you know you’re not only comfortably dressed in sensible, made-in-Lithuania fabric with an easy cut, you’re

Strong Week Links 30

Very into the shapes of Rachel Saunders' ceramics. Someday I hope to get back to the wheel.

Would not have guessed they could make vegan leather out of this. Love the texture.

Dolly on tour! I've never been to the Hollywood Bowl — how cool would it be to see her there?

In love with this art piece from the site. #artgoals

This candle sounds like it smells amazing, and it turns into a succulent planter.

Digging this Nirvana-goes-country cover. Makes so much sense.

Photos via Rachel Saunders

Spirit Wind Joshua Tree

Spirit Wind Joshua Tree

Spirit Wind Joshua Tree is an exceptional place. My brother and sister-in-law recently made it theirs and are finishing and restoring it. It was originally designed and built in the early 2000s as the dream home of a talented architect. After he lost it in the recession,

Strong Week Links 29

It's 79 beautiful degrees in Oakland right now. How many La Croix are too many La Croix? #lacroixblems

Multiple people contacted me to let me know about this: The War On Drugs covers Touch of Grey.

Even better: there's going to be a new Steve Gunn album out on Matador in June. I absolutely love his last release, Way Out Weather. So much so that I saw him twice at Fun Fun Fun Fest this past November. The new album art even features a geodesic dome.

I love a good, classic stripe. This new direct-to-consumer line (or ligne, rather) has all kinds of fashion backing with ex-Vogue editors at the helm and advisors from Manrepeller's Leandra Medine to Warby Parker and Rag & Bone execs, and a cool mix of classic and on-trend stripe styles.

Getting sort of obsessed with micro saving with this app. It's amazing how just adding a picture of the thing you're saving for adds motivation and makes it feel fun to check in on (mine's a desert trailer).

I tried on this perfume at the Ali Golden shop in Temescal Alley this weekend and I think I fell in love (mimosa flower).

I was going to be incensed if our Sunday NYT got stolen off our porch again this am, and rightly so. The culture issue of T Magazine within contains so much brain food and eye candy, from the amazingly arranged meeting and conversation between Gucci's Alessandro Michele and Vetements/Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia to the story of dystopian/futuristic late '60s design group Superstudio to a very interesting article about what goes on behind the scenes at the Met.

Photo via Chay Shop

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty Earth tu Face Juice Beauty

Last month I listened to this podcast episode on a study that showed teen girls who changed the beauty products they used for just three days had lower levels of hormone disrupting chemicals. One of the things I really loved about the study and the coverage of it was that it focused on the active participation of young women in Salinas. By design they were involved not just in participating in the study, but

Strong Week Links 28

D.S. & Durga just announced that they're now producing samples of their lovely, complex scents. I smell the next test fest coming on.

If money were no object: this new Hermès furniture.

Solange Knowles just launched e-commerce on her site Saint Heron.  It's filled with (surprisingly affordable) fashion, beauty and even candy created by a group of diverse designers. If you love her totally on-point Instagram, you'll love the vibes and editorial shots. I'd be excited to try this prickly pear face serum (love everything prickly pear).

Coveting one of these super tall, super wide-brimmed Stetson hats designed in collaboration with photographer Tasya van Ree.

Totally obsessed with this song right now.

Image via Saint Heron

Bar Method

Why have a light fixture when you can have a light sculpture? Especially one that matches your favorite never-take-it-out earring by Kathleen Whitaker.

Rodarte Is More Radarte Than Ever

Rodarte & Other Stories Radarte

Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the sisters behind the complex and beautiful line Rodarte, are set to release a collaboration with H&M spinoff & Other Stories (now available stateside since first writing). It's set to drop next Thursday, and while that's exciting on its own (I've got my eye on the pajama shirts and shearling jacket), what really got my attention was the Spotify playlist they put together to coincide with the launch. They're girls after my own heart, and it's made up of exactly what i'd put on a roadtrip-ready mix — Gerry Rafferty aka the Raff, El Condor Pasa, Harry Nilsson — plus some stuff I wouldn't have thought of. Much like the way food always tastes better when someone else makes it for you, I find music has an extra bit of magic and appeal when someone else plays it for you. May finally be time to invest in one of those Radarte sweatshirts.

Strong Week Links 27

On a recent trip to LA I had the chance to visit The RealReal's new LA fine jewelry office and write a feature on RealStyle. It was designed by The Row's interior designer Courtney Applebaum and it's probably the chicest gemology space you'll ever see. It's filled with antique rugs and vintage 20th century furniture (fueling an obsession with Jean Prouvé, Jean Royere + Bruno Mathsson) set against spare concrete floors, and I pretty much wanted to move in. More pics and the full post including an interview with Courtney here.

I love my classic Albano Waite, but this new tarot deck from The Dreslyn has a clean, modern look that I'd love to add to my collection.

I'm normally not much one for diamonds, but paired with organic beachstones, these are pretty cool (and they have a great Insta).

I've been looking for the perfect crossbody bag and I'm thinking this one is a contender.

Looking for an album to put on repeat? This has been mine lately.

When it comes to makeup, I usually go for ultra-bright colors for lips and classic black for eyeliner and mascara. But on a whim, I opted for this brown eyeliner from natural makeup line Alima. Excited to mix it up with a neutral (wild and crazy, I know).

Photo by Shade Degges for The RealReal

Sies Marjan

Sies Marjan Fall 2016

The debut show for new label Sies Marjan, designed by Dries Van Noten alum Sander Lak, got a lot of buzz at New York Fashion Week with the attendance of influential editors, writers and buyers. The silhouettes were recognizable, but looked loose, fresh and elevated yet wearable. I dig the ever-so-slightly, elegantly rumpled vibe of a lot of the drapey, tucked-in pieces (huge fan of the half-tuck as a quick styling move). It will be interesting to see if the bloom stays on the rose in coming seasons.

Sies Marjan Fall 2016

Sies Marjan Fall 2016

Sies Marjan Fall 2016

ACB Jewels

ACB Jewels earrings

Obsessed with my new ACB Jewels earrings. They feel like wearable Calder mobiles and the shade of oxidized blue couldn't be more perfect. They're actually light and delicate, and they sound like wind chimes when you walk around in them.

Strong Week Links 26

This new Los Angeles massage spa looks amazing (and affordable). I haven't been to Olive and June, the super cute nail salon down there, but this looks like the minimalist, bohemian massage equivalent.

This Pinterest board is like the Impossible Cool of cat people.

What a great reason to go back to NOLA.

Was really inspired by the Christene Barberich episode of this podcast. She seems so smart and thoughtful.

Have you heard of Poem Store? Such a cool idea and practice. You name your subject and price, and poet Jacqueline Suskin writes a poem for you on-demand.  You can follow her on Insta here to see her poems and where she's writing them — she's often at the Hollywood Farmer's Market.

Photo via @thenowmassage

New Year, New Moon

It’s the first new moon of the new year. For a while now, I’ve been setting aside time each month for new moon wishing, inspired by this guide and posts on the sphinx and the milkyway. If it seems a little woo woo, I guess it is, but I’m into that vibe. Even if you’re not though, I think there’s still a way to think of it as just a helpful framework for reflecting, looking inward and setting goals or intentions for yourself for the coming month. If it’s not magical, it’s at least practical.  

I find it’s a nice ritual, and it takes me out of my regular routine and way of thinking, and lets me enter into a frame of mind in which much more seems possible. It's a nice space to visit each month instead of just once a year with a resolution. It’s also a helpful way to be grateful for what you have and reflect that in wishes directed toward others. 

Basically, here’s what you do: